Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I worked on some fun zipper pouches over the weekend and was very excited to finally use my metal zippers with cute zipper pulls. I bought them in NYC a couple of years ago at M&J Trimming specifically for using them on zipper pouches and finally decided to use them.

I made this pouch
3 squares

and this one.
3 squares

I went with the frayed look, again, on one side; it's a little wild and funky. The other side is a little more classic and clean. The lining fabric matches one of the outside fabrics pieces.
3 squares + 1 line
3 squares + 1 line

I like the way they turned out. My intention was to post them on Etsy but I can't! They're defective. Yeah, really! You can't tell by just looking at them but they are. The zipper gets stuck and you have to mess with it a bit in order to make it close. It opens just fine. I made a few changes with the second pouch in hopes that it would be better but I've come to the conclusion that the industrial zipper is just too much for the petite pouch. So sad.


MichelleB said...

Well, they still came out very cute. too bad about the zipper.

African Kelli said...

I've heard that when you have issues like that with a zipper all you need to do is rub a pencil along the edge. The lead helps?
The pouches are super cute!

Su said...

They are cute! Too bad about the zippers.