Thursday, December 04, 2008


Maybe it would go away if I had this gadget. . . a Palm Centro.

After reading Molly's post about this amazing "smart phone" on Momformation, I'm wondering if a Palm Centro can really be the answer to bringing order to the so-called chaos in my life. Hmmm, should I even ask!? Check out her post on Momformation for a list with descriptions about all it does. I think the planner and the list maker would make this momma run like a well-oiled machine. How do you think you could get it to always know where your keys are?

If you'd like to have one you can enter to win one at Molly's giveaway. Oh, wouldn't it be nice to win!?

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MichelleB said...

My daughter and I both have this phone. My daughter loved hers to death (trashed it) and is getting another one for Christmas. I admit to not using all of the features - in fact, I have to ask my daughter about all of the features that it does have and how to use them. I love the calendar part of it, and the way the text messages are listed on there - they are more like a conversation. You can see both sides of the conversation - not sent messages in one section, and received messages in another section. Talking on it sounds great. If you can get one, I really recommend it!