Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My New Bag!

I finally have a new bag, a new "mommy" bag. I'm done with my old diaper bag (handmade by me about 2 years ago) because I've been using it for way too long! I needed a new bag especially since Baby JP is now 1 and we really don't need to carry too much with us anymore. I decided to go with a messenger bag style since I've never owned one and I like the idea of carrying it across my chest so that I have 2 free hands. I've never made one either but it's not much harder than making a tote and then adding a large flap along with D rings for the strap. Here's the final product:

my new bag!

I'm very happy with the large flap and especially love all of the frayed edges. I pulled the threads to get the frayed look but will throw it in the wash soon to get a bit more of a worn look.

Under the flap you'll find a large pocket that I divided into two. The plan for these pockets is to use one for diapers and wipes case and the other for a sippy cup/bottle. I used the same fabric as on the flap to trim the top edge of this pocket. I guess you could call it patchwork bias tape.
handmade bag

Self-critique to aid in construction of a future messenger bag:
So far my new messenger bag is working great but next time
I would . . .
•use a different type of webbing for the strap because the one I chose is slippery and the slide that adjusts the size of the strap moves too easily
•I would interface both the exterior fabric and the lining or just use thicker fabric. I've been using a very heavy weight denim for most of the handbags I make and I forgot about the floppiness caused by medium weight fabric
•I wouldn't make the flap quite as long--cut it by about 2 inches


beki said...

Oh Claudia, that looks great! I love the squares on the front, so clever.

Lisa said...

Great bag! I love all the little squares with the raw edges. Very creative.

African Kelli said...

Just when I think I don't need another bag... this comes by. GREAT creativity! I love the frayed edges on the front squares and the running quilted line through the back. Just beautiful!

Amanda said...

That is so cool! I really liked your color choices.