Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some stuff I've made. . .

I'm finally getting around to posting about some of my completed projects from the past month! My habit is to be super excited about beginning a project, working on it, and then not finishing it because I found something else exciting to work on! This is why I like quick projects that I can complete in one sitting or one day!

Here are a few COMPLETED (yeah) items:

Some coin purses to be gifted. I'm finally getting around to using my oil cloth stash!!! (Sorry about all of the empty photo frames in that link. I deleted a bunch of pictures from Flickr without realizing which ones I had blogged about. OOPS!)
oil cloth coin purses

One of 2 super hero capes I made for special friends! They are made from satin, broadcloth (for the liner), and their first initial is made in red microsuede. I applied the letter with a decorative stitch to make sure it will stay on and look cool. I had initially made the closure a tie and then realized that was quite dangerous (a choking hazard, to be exact) so I added a button tab closure. Hope the boys like 'em! (BTW, that's my MC modeling!)
super hero cape super hero cape

A "taggie" mini-blanket for my sweet new niece, Gavi! She is now 2 months old. A neighborhood mom had a craft day at her house to make taggie blankies. I wasn't able to make one that day but was excited about learning how to make them! I recently walked into a local baby store and was in shock at the prices on their mini-taggie blankets! Ouch! That was enough incentive to finally make one. I'm so glad I like to sew!!! Scraps are perfect for these, especially flannel, fleece or terry cloth. I'm gonna make up a few and have them ready for the population explosion we're having around here!
mini-tag blanket

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lera said...

cute pouches. love the oilcloth. you've made some very cute stuff (including your baby).