Monday, February 26, 2007

A slow transition from clutter to order

Slowy, but surely my sewing room, no, studio (that sounds more hip, I think) is becoming more organized and practical. I'd love to paint it, find more jars and hang some things and I'll be happy. Hopefully this can happen over the next year. I've gotta give myself time because I'm always changing my mind about what I'm into currently. Right now the new Blueprint magazine has inspired me to paint it very light blue (like the editor used in her Manhattan studio apartment).

Below are a few things I found to help the organization along! I painted the lid of the jar pink--it was white--and I found these vintage jello molds for holding little things like buttons, pins, chalk, ???. I love them especially because they remind me of the homemade "ice" cream my mom used to make in my childhood on hot summer days!

studio organization--thrifted


beki said...

Those jello molds are cool! Wait, the latest issue of Blueprint is out? Hmm, it had better be in my mailbox pronto (I have an subscription).

African Kelli said...

That ribbon jar is fantastic!!

Sharkeysday said...

I'm loving the new Blueprint magazine! And if you get your studio to look hip, you must come help me with mine. I'm totally disgusted with it (plus, it's cold!)