Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pizza, delivered or pizza joint? Homemade, please!

I have another favorite recipe source in my kitchen, this cook book.

I made the pizza. Oh, YUM! The crust is amazing and now I understand how great pizza stones really are for pizza. You have to heat them up in a 500° oven for about an hour before you make the pizza. That's one "secret". The other is the red sauce, if you choose to use it. The dough recipe makes three pizzas.

Below are the pizzas I made, two "red" pizzas--one is bacon and carmelized onions the other pepperoni and green bell pepper-- and one "white" pizza with mozzarella and gorgonzola cheeses (not pictured). It was my favorite!


New-Best-Recipe-All-New-Recipes is an amazing book (or encyclopedia of recipes as stated in its description) filled with all the how-to's you could ever imagine and their opinion of the best recipe, for just about anything, after many trials and tests. "They" being the people of America's Test Kitchen. Yes, another PBS cooking show!

I learned about this book from this gal when she posted about yummy chocolate chip cookies and the secret for making them DELICIOUS--melted butter!

If you're into cooking as much as I am, I suggest you get this book!!!


beki said...

Oh yum! That looks so good!!

African Kelli said...

That looks so very good! Yum. How much did your pizza stone cost?