Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking Back, Looking Forward

2007 wasn't a super-hot blogging year for me but it was a super-sewing year for me!

Zipper Pouch

The super part of sewing has to do with the fact that I started a new business. For the past few years I've tried selling handbags/accessories at a handful of craft fairs and on Etsy. Selling has gone okay but it's never been very fulfilling and I end up losing interest in sewing because I'm caught up in the pressures of making more instead of being creative. Besides, I've learned that I'm not much of a saleswoman. It isn't fun for me and makes me nervous.

I am a teacher, though. I was an elementary school teacher before having children and I do like to teach and share! So, last spring I decided that rather than sew to sell I would teach sewing! It's been a wonderful experience and so much more rewarding than selling; teaching always is!

This new business venture has been successful for me and it makes me happy. I've purchased a few sewing machines for instruction and have planned a variety of projects to teach. I enjoy the sewcializing but enjoy sharing the skill of sewing even more! Teaching has even allowed me time to sew for myself and my family!

In 2008 I look forward to teaching sewing, sewing more for myself & my family and blogging more about my creative adventures.

(The pouch pictured above was completed by one of my students in the Beginning Sewing class!)


Kelly said...

Congratulations on your success this year Claudia! You always amaze and inspire me with your energy, enthusiasm and accomplishments!

All the best for 2008,

beki said...

How wonderful, Claudia! All the best to you in 2008 ;-)