Friday, December 21, 2007


I'm in need of change 'round here. (There must be a new year approaching or something!) This blog thing is fun and all but I'm not very productive thanks to it! Now, that's not a bad thing 'cause it really does keep me inspired, but it seems most of my spare time is used up reading amazing creative blogs instead of making stuff or even posting about it. This girl does need inspiration, but she would also like to share her creations. I hope to share more beginning soon! Let's hope bringing some order to my blog will also bring order to my creating!

I just learned how to add a third column to my Blogger blog and hope to use it to keep craft organized. My simple plan is to use it as a craft column where everything listed in it must relate to craft: inspiration, projects, materials. . .  There's just too much good stuff in craft blog world and I always seem to lose it or forget. Hopefully I can capture some of it in my new craft column before it escapes me.

I'm looking forward to posting more often and continued learning and sharing!

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