Friday, January 11, 2008

Gratitude Friday: LOVE

I've never posted about the things I am grateful for but was inspired by Beki to do so today.

This Friday I am grateful for LOVE in my home.
I have a husband who is supportive, kind and loving. My children are healthy and strong and keep me on my toes. We have plenty of downs (tantrums, disagreements, messes, heartache) but many more ups (playing, dancing, singing, creating, playing piano, learning to read-MC, learning which shoe goes on which foot-JEM, learning to talk-JP, eating good food, conversations, memories, God) and when the day comes to an end we are all thankful for being blessed with another day of life filled with LOVE.

(Note: the amaryllis is a photo from a year ago. My camera is still broken so I'm using an old photo that fits the theme.)

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beki said...

such wise words, Claudia!