Monday, September 17, 2007

green & yellow

We drove to Greenfield, Iowa from Denver, CO over Labor Day Weekend to visit Great Grandma. It was a fun weekend trip filled with lots of fun times and great views! Here are some photos of our fun.

Walking with GG. A sweet photo.
GG and girls

The vineyard nextdoor to GG's home. Wow! A vineyard? Yeah, I guess grapes do well here and are becoming more common.
Iowa Vineyard

A fun morning of fishing (or "feeshing" as GG says). We caught fish after fish after "feesh". All blue gills and bass.
Fishin' w/uncle You want me to hold it!? Sisters fishin'

Proof that the fields really are green!
Greenfield, Iowa

The beautiful view driving back home through NE Colorado! Black-eyed Susan's everywhere. Breathtaking.
Colorful Colorado

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African Kelli said...

Absolutely beautiful. And you remind me of the special times I spent with my GG. We played a lot of scrabble and I love her fiercely.