Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another First Friday!

I was able to have two "fiber art" pieces on display at our local yarn shop, Posh a yarn boutique, for First Friday fun!

I submitted a handbag and a skirt.
Fiber Art Show, Sept First Friday

The handbag is a patchwork design on one side and a simple sparkly sequin design on the other. It has a zipper that is trimmed with ric rac. I really enjoyed making this handbag and look forward to using it! That will make my husband happy. He's always asking why the "lady" who makes bags doesn't ever carry a nice one? (I'll post pix of it when I get it back.)

The skirt was a very last minute "experiment". I made it from a new sewing system I recently purchased--the Lutterloh pattern making system (more on that in another post). I was testing it out to see how easy it was to use and the skirt was VERY easy and fit without needing any alterations! I decided to "paint" the skirt and used the super-fun freezer paper stencil technique.
green daisy skirt

The daisies were inspired by a cute design on a candle holder I thrifted over the summer. Also as a tribute to my mother-in-law who recently passed away. She loved daisies!
green daisy skirt

And the pocket, well, that was a last minute thing and is my favorite part. I chose to make it the reverse of the white daisies during the process of stenciling them. As I ironed on the stencils to the skirt I liked the look and began brainstorming ways to make use of the idea. I was originally going to just stencil it on the opposite front side but then thought I should practice on a scrap piece before potentially ruining the skirt. That scrap piece became a pocket and in the end a very fun project! I'm so glad for uninterrupted sewing time (i.e. late night sewing). I don't think I could have come up with the same skirt art during the day with busy children.
green daisy skirt, pocket
Doesn't this pocket remind you of the 7-up logo? I don't know if it's the green skirt or the orange dot. Either way completing this skirt has "refreshed" my current attitude toward sewing. Ahhh!


lera said...

Cute skirt. I can't believe that's freezer stencil. It looks great.

(And it does kinda look like the 7up logo.)

beki said...

How cute, Claudia!

African Kelli said...

Wowie! And I can't wait to see that purse in more detail. Good for you!

Lesley said...

Love that skirt - I will be freezer stencilling next week then!
Love your post about your mother-in-law's quilt. My beloved Mum passed away after a short illness at the end of May. Each time I find another beautiful thing she made it brings back such bittersweet memories. You are so right to have that wonderful quilt out there for all to see and to remember her by.

mrspilkington said...

Lovely! Nice work.