Saturday, May 05, 2007

'round the world!

Vintage Button Swap 2
I'm finally posting about the wonderful Vintage Button Swap 2 package I received from Julia in New Zealand. Aren't these buttons true gems? They are so unique and beautiful! I really love them and also love the pretty fabric she sent along with them. Now, how to use them? As for the fabric, I'm getting into sewing skirts and so it's sure to be used for a skirt. Thanks, Julia!

Below are pix of what I sent her. I made her a coin pouch to hold the buttons and a BIG bag to be used to hold BIG things or just a lotta' stuff! (My 2nd "80's-type" bag) After participating in 2 vintage button swaps it's time for me to be on the hunt for new vintage buttons to add to my stash. It's a good thing flea market time is here!


Amanda said...

Ooh, that fabric is lovely!! What will you make?

grace said...

Oooh, your vintage buttons are fabulous! I'm *so* wishing I'd done the swap!

African Kelli said...

Fun! I love the buttons.