Saturday, July 07, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Over the past two months I've taken it easy with blogging--reading and posting. I made a decision to slow down but did read a few blogs here and there. I couldn't stay away completely, but think I'm a little more in "control" now. It was a nice change because I was getting into an ugly habit of reading blogs and following links and then getting trapped in this cycle until about 1 am! It especially got worse when I signed up for Bloglines! I would rarely use my time to create and that was getting frustrating. Especially after reading about so many amazing crafty creations!

It was time to take a break and make better decisions about how to make the most of my "after the kids are in bed" time. Should I sew, read blogs, clean or sleep? HMMMM. . .what to do? Well, I have to say that most nights I didn't achieve my bedtime goal of 10 pm, but at least it wasn't 1 am either! The late nights are really dumb since I am still nursing Baby and the girls don't take naps anymore. I did get more crafting done than usual, though! Yeah!!!

-I will still be working on getting to bed at a decent hour--11pm should be my absolute latest!!!
-I will give it my best to make myself a skirt and some dresses/skirts/tops for the girls. It's about time we started wearing some cute handmade stuff around here!
-I have also resolved that I will keep my blog time to a minimun and will try very hard not get into that panicky state of "oooooh, I wanna make one of those too!". It's too stressful and takes away from the fun of creating! Let's see how it goes.

Below are photos of some of the things I made. I haven't photgraphed everything I made--time, ya know--but will post as soon as I do.
•baby gift
burp clothes taggie mini #2 appliqué onesies
•baby gift
Baby Goods zipper bag
•birthday gift
b is for. . . birthday tote lining
•"just because" gift, apron from In Stiches
In Stitches apron In Stitches apron (back)

Just realized that most of what I made was gifts! Guess that's why I have photos. :)
In my opinion, the best kind of creating is giving your special creation to someone you love!

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African Kelli said...

So nicely done! The words, the layout, the gifts -- I love them all. Good for you for reprioritizing and figuring out what you need to do.