Thursday, April 05, 2007

A BIG Bag!

I'm a child of the 80's and have pix to prove it--big hair, pegged pants, acid wash, all the good stuff (I'll spare you, though). Well, just about all the good stuff. . . One thing I never had a was the extra large Esprit tote bag. So, 20 years later I finally have one!!! Well, I should say I made one!

The story goes that I've been wanting to make one for over a year but wanted to actually see one so that I could recreate it without winging it. No one I know has one and I couldn't even find a picture of one online so I just put that project on hold! A couple of weeks ago, though, I finally got my hands on one, kind of. I was in line at Safeway when I spotted a mint green tote just waiting to be filled with groceries. I'm sure the gal who was carrying it must have been a bit weirded out by my obvious staring at her bag. I asked her if it was her Esprit bag from the 80's and she said it was actually a knock-off that she's had since the 80's. So it wasn't the real thing, but close enough!!! I made sure to check out all of the important details as she turned her back to me to approach the cash register. I knew it was my only chance to examine "the tote" and I better take advantage of this chance before it was gone!

So, what'cha think?
BIG tote

I had to guess the measurements but think my estimation was pretty good. I chose to use this green vine print fabric because I don't have any attachments to it and didn't want to ruin the "good stuff", just in case the tote didn't turn out. Glad to say this "prototype" did turn out and will be a usefull piece! Here it is filled with plastic shopping bags to be recylced. This super tote will now become my new shopping buddy. THANK YOU lady at Safeway with your 80's mint green bag! Not only did she help me to complete a sewing project but also inspired me to sew "green"!

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