Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Zig Zag to fashion

Sometimes I feel like I'm a zig zag stitch when it comes to my sewing preferences. One day I'm totally into making bags then I get into making baby accessories and then back to bags and then ???. Crazy! but I guess it's what keeps sewing fun for me.

Right now I've "zigged" into sewing clothes. I've only finished one item, a blouse, and have lots to sew yet! Being 4 months post-partum and feeling so frumpy I'm SO ready for a new wardrobe! The past 7 weeks of snow have helped relieve the pressures of "what am I going to wear today?" because we've been home so much. My clothes issue isn't so much style or trend related but "what will fit me today!?" I guess that's why my current zig is clothes.

I've started a "sketch book" for the clothes I want to sew because I have such a terrible memory. So far I have 3 items in it--an apron (that can also be worn as a compliment to a blouse/t-shirt), a blouse and a skirt. I think I'll get started on the skirt. I'm looking forward to making this skirt because it'll be my first! Plus I'm not so scared of going for it since I now have a few hundred hours of sewing under my belt, I have plenty of fabric and if I screw up I can go out and buy some cheap fabric from the thrift store--sheets!

I've also started a new blog called "Refashion Files". It's a blog for "sharing helpful techniques to refashion and construct clothes". I'm always coming across great sewing ideas on the web and decided it would be nice to file these ideas away so that I wouldn't forget them. It's a multi-author blog and open to all who want to contribute ideas and learn! Just contact me through a comment or an email and I'll sign you up!

Above is the button to link to Refashion Files. Beware: I might change it as I come up with a new idea. You know I always think of something "better", I'm just funny like that! Also, please bear with me as I am a beginner at HTML!

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