Saturday, February 03, 2007


Simplicity "blouse"
Simplicity 4072

I finally made something for myself!!! I love to make things for others, but being 4 months post-partum I really need some new clothes. Well, at least some transitional clothes. This time around, baby #4 :), the belly is really hangin' around!

I loved this pattern when I saw it but it is a dress and it is so hard to wear a dress when you are nursing! So, I decided to make it into a blouse. I give the final result an okay. It would make a great maternity blouse if you cut the bottom section as wide as is suggested and then just shorten it to a length you like. Believe me, I know that now. I did have to take it apart and cut down the width but now it's a bit boxy. It's wearable, though!

-pay close attention when sewing the neckline. It's a bit hard to get it smooth and pointy in the center front.
-it's not necessary to top stitch the neckline on the edge of the neck line (I misread the instructions).
-make the back with no gathers and add a bit of gathering to the front OR just cut the bottom half in more of a triangle shape but make sure fit the top end to the band exactly, with no gathers.
-try reversing the color combo band and neck in a pattern print and blouse in solid color.

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