Saturday, March 17, 2007


I've had this tote all cut out just waiting to be put together and I finally finished it tonight! It's been added it to my Etsy shop.
Tote Tote

It's amazing how quickly handbags seem to come together! Lately I've been sewing clothes from patterns and it seems so time consuming! Part of the reason it takes so long is because I start off by transferring the pattern, in the size I need, to butcher paper. Once it's transferred and cut, then I can get started cutting the fabric and then sewing. The other time-consuming part is reading through the instructions. Instructions are pretty basic but I always read and reread just to make sure I'm doing everything alright. Now I remember why I like designing and making handbags!


African Kelli said...

You designed that tote too? So nice! I love the floral fabric.

beki said...

That looks os nice!

Sharkeysday said...

I so TOTALLY reason I liked the baby blanket...I just made it up! :-)

The bag is fantastic! Love it!

Amanda said...

Ooh, love your new blog site! And that tote is beautiful. I will be checking back to see what things you are up to.