Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kimono Robe, green

I made this kimono robe from the Amy Butler pattern book, In Stitches.

kimono robe (Amy Butler pattern)

It was supposed to be a birthday gift for a family member but I'm not sure I like it for her. If you click on the link for the book (above) you'll see a picture of the kimono. It's a great pattern but I think I went wrong with the size. Another issue I have with it is the waist. I think it is too low! One solution would be to move it but I really dislike having to change something I've actually completed. Another solution is to find a person with a long torso! My husband seems to be a wiling victim! :) He says he'll wear it! Isn't he nice!? Here's his direct quote, "If I was in a band I would wear it! Jimi Hendrix wore a kimono."


Randi said...

Maybe this will be the catalyst for him starting a band! ;)

I never like to change a sewing project once I finish it either!

Amanda said...

It is hard to tell if the sizing is off on the hanger, but I really like the colors...

meg said...

I really like the fabric combo, not to mention your husband's rockin attitude. ;0)

You're bolder than I am, by the way; I just didn't even want to take a stab at this project.