Wednesday, November 23, 2005

fun plastic jewelry

While at Hobby Lobby one evening looking for beading supplies (to get started beading some earrings from the Japanse book I bought from the paper princess) I ran across a packet of shrink plastic and had to buy some. I remembered that I had seen some amazing pendants made with shrink plastic and thought I'd give it a try. Why not? I was going to begin a new craft and why not make it a little more ineresting. (I first saw these pendants at craftlog.)

I really like how they turned out and have been improving the technique each time I make more. I just wish I had a better camera! Here are some of my favorite creations. The pendants have yet to be completed into necklaces (for Christmas presents).

My favorite, so far,
fossil pendant

Inspired by the Christmas season,
amor y paz

This one ws inspired by green stained wood, but it reminds me of a jungle,
faux wood

This one is very pretty in real life,

AND NOW. . .
the real creativa kicks in! I decided to make my own beads for earrings and came up with "faux turquoise". They are pretty fun and I'm sure to be making a few more faux stones and gems real soon!
faux turquoise

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