Friday, November 18, 2005

t-shirts are easy to make!

After thinking so much about sewing and all of the wonderful things to be made, I finally made something tonight! It is very late at night, but I just had to post it while the house is quiet.

Below is my first attempt at sewing my own t-shirt. I think it turned out pretty nice and I think I'll even wear it! I've had the idea for sewing a t-shirt with striped sleeves after seeing a very cute one hanging in a boutique window. This one isn't as cute but it's a good start.

t-shirt by claudia

For the pattern, I used a t-shirt I recently purchased. I just layed it out flat and cut around it. I cut the front, back and 2 sleeves. (I'll have to make a paper pattern for the next t-shirt so that I don't have to labor over the cutting part--my least favorite part os sewing.) I was going to make bias tape for the neck but was lazy to make my own so I used grosgrain ribbon instead. I thought it would be a cute touch but had a feeling it might be a disaster. Well, it does look cute but I couldn't fit it over my head! ARGH! So rather than take it apart I just cut a slit in the front collar (see below). I figure it's just a t-shirt so it won't ruin the look. :) Then, I followed some simple instructions from the sample book I made in my sewing class a couple of years ago. And WOW a finished creation!

t-shirt by claudia

I think I will be making more for the whole family! It's a good thing that I've introduced my husband to the fun art of iron-ons. Hanes t-shirts are wimpy for that kind of fun!

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Leslie said...

I like how it turned out! Where did you get the sleeves?