Thursday, March 26, 2009


In January I challenged myself to change my wardrobe by sewing my own clothes! I thought it would be simple to work on one garment a week but soon realized I was being a little too ambitious. I also started a blog to journal all about the completed pieces and the random stuff that I learn as each piece is being constructed.

This is the 13th week of 2009 and so far, I've only made three pieces: a tunic, a "trial" summer blouse, and a different summer blouse. The blog is pretty sad at this moment so I won't even give you a link until I can actually get more posted.

#1-This is the tunic
#3 tunic

#2-The summer blouse is a pattern from the book "downtownDIY sewing". It's a very cute design but I won't post a photo because mine didn't turn out so cute. . . As this was my first attempt at sewing this blouse, I made a trial blouse from a cheap cotton instead of muslin just so that I could wear it when I completed it. (Yes, I'm a bit confident in my skills. HA!) Well, sadly, I didn't have enough fabric for the whole blouse but I didn't figure that out until I had already cut out the main pieces. Needless to say, it's ugly but, hey, now I know how to construct it in the right size for me! Maybe next time I'll go with muslin. Um, nah--see my next garmet description!

#3-The third piece I've made is another summer blouse except this one is from the latest book to hit the sewing world, "Weekend Sewing" by Heather Ross. I first read about the book on this post at this great blog! It's a quick sew and it's very comfortable! I can see myself making a few more with some variations--sleeveless, 3/4 length sleeves, a dress, a different neckline and a hoodie!!! The variations will certainly help me catch up to my goal of one garment per week! (If I can finish the year with 52 pieces, I'll be happy even if they weren't all made "one per week".)
summer blouse
This blouse was made using a thrifted sheet. Probably cheaper than muslin and wearable too!

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MichelleB said...

The new blouse is cute! You're doing a great job.