Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote for Becky!

Becky Botsford (WordGirl's true identity) is running for class president against Tobey MacCallister and just in time to teach our kids a little about elections including campaigns, candidates and voting!

On Tuesday, November 4th, Election Day, PBS Kids Go! will be airing the Election Episode of WordGirl. "The plot centers on a fifth-grade Class President race with a slyly funny take on events from real-life presidential campaigns*." Also, the key words to listen for during the episode will be "campaign" and "election". If you've never watched WordGirl before, then I should tell you that at the very beginning of every episode you are told what two words to listen for. This is one of many excellent reasons why this show is so amazingly wonderful. I've mentioned before that my two girls might just be WG's biggest fans but, secretly, I think I am!

I encourage you to take time to watch this clever and fun show. Not only will it give your kids a basic lesson on elections but it will give you a good chuckle! You can find your local t.v. time here.

*The quote I used above along with the three illustrations were sent to me from a PR person at Scholastic who contacted me after my previous WordGirl post. She told me about the upcoming election episode and asked if I might be interested in writing a post about it. Of course! How exciting! She sent me the illustrations and so here you have it. Not only was this post written to encourage you to share a good lesson with your children but also to encourage you to vote!

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