Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Word Up!

This post was inspired by an animated character and her two biggest fans!!!

Ever since last spring when my, then, 5 year old daughter declared her love for WordGirl (an amazingly wonderful children's show on PBS) there's not a day that goes by when the kids don't talk about her, pretend play about her or watch her show.

Who is WordGirl, you ask?
WordGirl is a delightful character who fights crime using her extensive vocabulary along with the help of her lovable sidekick named Captain Huggy Face. If you haven't yet seen this wonderful show, I encourage you to watch it because you're really missing out! PBS Kids T.V Times. She's even been interviewed by Jim Lehrer! The show won an Emmy this past summer for Outstanding Writing in Animation.

With so much love for WordGirl how could we let Halloween pass this year without dressing up as our favorite characters!? The girls were thrilled with the idea and I have now made 3 WordGirl costumes (one for each of my girls and one for their good friend) and one Captain Huggy Face costume. I don't typically dress up for Halloween but I'm considering dressing up as Becky Botsford (WordGirl's true identity).

Here's what I came up with. . .
Captain Huggy Face

Happy Halloween and Word Up!


Erin said...

Soo cute! they are perfect costumes!

Anonymous said...

Any tips on how you made the hat? I've pretty well got the rest of the costume done - cape made, long sleeve T and leggings, brown socks for the boots, star patch. I need to make the belt and the hat, yet


Claudia said...

Dear Anonymous,
I don't have your email so I'll reply here.
I purchased the hat for Captain Huggy Face but then used it as a guide for making the hats for the WordGirl hat.
I used an old red tee and cut out the shape of the hat. There is a seam on the top so you cut out the shape of the hat for 1/2 of the head (from top of head to over the ears and under the chin). I cut 2 pieces out at once. I sewed the top seam and used bias tape along the front edge. You don't have to use bias trim especially since t-shirt fabric doesn't fray but it keeps with the whole WG look. The hats can be secured with velcro or even tied; I used snaps. Hope this helps!

Forever Purist said...

Hi, my 5-y-o daughter is crazy about WordGirl, but I've had such a hard time trying to find a WordGirl costume after searching all over the Internet. I love the costume you made, do you mind letting me know how complicated it is to make one, or if you've used any pattern? Thank you so much.