Sunday, September 07, 2008

Not Headless

I've been asked repeatedly why bloggers cut off their heads in photos of themselves or their "models". Well, I guess we each have our own reasons for it but, one thing is for sure, it's the norm. My husband jokingly commented that some future sociologist will come across our blogs one day and have to decipher why our generation of bloggers didn't show their faces/heads. What do you think their conclusion will be?

Well, for this post I've decided to photograph myself wearing the newest top I've made with out cutting off my head,
BBW-Simplicity 3835
just my face. Hee, hee.

This is another top from the Built By Wendy/Simplicity pattern #3835.
It comes together pretty quickly and, again, I like that it fits like a t-shirt. The fabric I used is Park Slope in Orange by Erin McMorris. I like the fabric but this print seems more appropriate for spring or summer. Guess that means I better get ready for cooler days. I didn't use elastic on the sleeves, as the pattern suggests, but chose to make a small band around the sleeve just like the other top I made. I plan on re-doing the elastic in the neckline. It is too tight and definitely could be loosened up a bit. I thought making this top in a larger size would solve that problem but I think I just need to add more elastic.

I think my next tee alternative will be made using a solid-colored cotton. It could also make another with two different colored fabrics. I just have to make sure it doesn't look like a baseball tee.

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Adrienne said...

I'm not one to cut my head off in photos, either. Love the top! Great fabric choice.