Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Racing Stipe and Some Stars

I finally made myself a new bag!
Racing Stripe

The Amy Butler fabric combo makes me smile and I must say that any AB combo always looks great together! Would you agree? I just love putting two opposites together. I also used orange thread for the top-stitching just to keep with the unconventional mix.

Tennis stars.
Tennis Dress

I made this dress for Julia so that she can wear it to pee-wee tennis practice. She loved it so much that she wore it all weekend and didn't get a chance to wear it to practice today. It was very simple to make and I was able to use one of my special new friends (a machine) to sew it together! (I promise I will share more about my new friends in another post!) I didn't use a pattern but did use a store-bought dress to trace the shape/size. It wasn't very hard to make, really, and it was super quick! My own touches include a cute little orange embellishment around the neck and some elastic to the full neckline because it was a little loose.

Tennis Dress on the Concrete Runway
(Here we're headed into Downtown over a newer pedestrian bridge built over the highway. I think it looks like her concrete runway.)


Jessica said...

I just love Amy Butler fabric! Your bag is lovely. I just found out my local quilt shop has AB, so I'm heading there soon!

African Kelli said...

That dress is super cute and yes, I'd have to agree -- Amy fabrics always look great together. That bag is wonderful!
Hope your summer is going well, my friend.