Sunday, January 20, 2008

One thing leads to another

I've finished the Jan/Feb project for Finny & Donk's Sewing Adventure: a button scarf. This is a group on Flickr where a project from the book Simple Gifts to Stitch is chosen every month or two, you stitch it and submit it.

button scarf

The scarf button project suggests you use faux fur and lambswool but I chose to use fabric I had on hand instead. I found myself being lots more creative and unique than I thought I would be just by taking inventory of my fabric stash. I made my scarf first and then made some for the girls with a twist on the button part. I see myself sewing a few more for gifts this winter. Certainly a simple stitch project to gift.

I made a button scarf for each of my girls using flannel and dot minky fabric. Instead of a button I used snaps placing a colorful capped section on each side of the scarf. I did this so that the scarf can be reversible and also so the scarves will stay put. My girls have never worn a scarf before and this will be a good beginner scarf.
button scarves button scarves

For my scarf I used fleece and the scarflette I knitted two winters ago but only wore for about 2 minutes because it was way too itchy. It was the perfect solution for making the scarflette wearable and I didn't have to spend any money on buying more farbric. I didn't make a button-hole on my sewing machine and chose to just cut a slit in the fleece since fleece doesn't fray. The knitting is pretty loose so the button goes right through the knitted half.
button scarflette

I enjoyed this scarf project! I'm sure to participate in Finny & Donk's Sewing Adventure much more this year because the projects seem to be pretty quick and simple. I'm also looking forward to using up my fabric stash. There's lots I can do with what I have!

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