Friday, August 11, 2006

New oilcloth tote - Red

Red oilcloth tote

Red oilcloth tote

Here's the newest of my handbags made of oilcloth. It was made with the intention to sell on Etsy, but my husband convinced me to keep it for myself instead. He claims he's tired of my store-bought black purse. I didn't know he really payed so much attention to the handbag I carry! He also suggested I use it as a sort of "walking advertisement" for myself. Not a bad idea I must say!

So, I've used it for 2 days and have received a few compliments on it already! I have to admit it makes me feel good to be able to say that "I made it". I hope to post a few more handbags (oilcloth and fabric) on Etsy very soon!

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