Sunday, August 13, 2006

Kelly's Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag for Kelly
Diaper Bag for Kelly Diaper Bag for Kelly Diaper Bag for Kelly

I made this diaper bag for my friend Kelly who is having a baby this week. I gave it to her last Thursday and she was already using it on Friday--that put a great big smile on my face. I had made the same style bag for myself last fall and she really liked it. Once I learned she was pregnant I just had to make one for her!

The bag has three large sized pockets on the front and one on the back that is as wide as the bag (I forgot to take a picture of that one). On the inside I sewed a cell phone pocket along with two other pockets big enough to hold sippy cups, bottles, baby necessities or mommy things. The pockets on this bag should make it easier for Kelly to reach for the right size diaper, newborn or toddler, and then also keep her own things in order.

I am considering making a few more diaper bags and selling them on Etsy before my own baby arrives (mid-September). Let's see how much tidying-up I can do around the house before I devote more time to sewing. Hopefully my house will be in order in a few more days!

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beki said...

Cool bag! All those pockets will be so helpful.