Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sewing Machine "Research"

I really would like to purchase a new sewing machine and don't have a clue where to start. I've asked a couple of craft bloggers who sew what machine they use, but taking this route for my research is going to prove slow and very time consuming. I'd like to purchase a machine I will use for years to come sewing handbags, clothes, things for our home, and maybe even quilts some day.

Start a Flickr Group where all who use a sewing machine can share the type of machine they use and why they love it so much! The group has been created and is called Sew me your machine!. Check it out and help me with my consumer research, please.

I'll be adding a link to the side bar to facilitate adding photos!


beki said...

have you checked out pattern review ( )? There's a section where members review various sewing machines. It's a great resource.

I'd love to buy a new machine, but it isn't in the budget right now.

eleny said...

I live in Lakewood and bought a Janome from 'Make It Sew' in Broomfield. It's a little out of the way up there on 120th from Denver. But it's a husband and wife owned store and they gave me a lot of personal service.

On a weekday afternoon, I sat down with the guy and tried out different machines after telling him what I wanted to sew. Crafts, clothing and freeform sewing. That was about two years ago and I'm still very happy with the model I chose.

I went back when I hit a snag because I was new to the machine. I had a one on one class with the wife that lasted an hour. And then she printed out all sorts of tip sheets she got at a Janome dealer meeting and mailed it to me.

I don't have anything to do with the store except that I got my machine there. It's nice to have an opportunity to tell someone about them.

Best of luck and fun with your choice!