Friday, July 21, 2006

Introducing, Sandi. . .

short for Sandia (watermelon in Spanish) because she's pink and green.

Wee Wonderfuls Bear, Sandi

This sweet bear was made from the Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together Book No. 1 by Hillary Lang for my daughter "Juju". She got to see Sandi after I stuffed her and immediately wanted to hold her. She hugged her tight then I heard her say "I love you kitty kat!". Oooooh, melt-your-heart sweet, huh? It made me chuckle to hear her say that because all along she knew I was making her a bear!

Sandi is sure to be very loved by Juju!

I had a fun time making this bear but realized my true need for a new sewing machine! The seams are very loose even after double and sometimes triple stitching most of the body.

I don't really have any tips to remember because the instructions coverd it all very well. The only thing I do need to do is learn/practice hand stitching. I tried stitching the mouth about 3 times and finally decided to use a piece of felt instead. It's glued on with fabric glue. I wonder how long it'll stay on? The collar is glued on as well because I didn't really like how it looked with the blanket stitch. I used white thread and it just looked funny. I might decide to blanket stitch it later with a matching green thread. I used buttons from my "vintage" stash. It was between green and pink. I'm glad the green won because Juju's favorite color is green!

Go to the Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together Book No. 1 Flickr Group to see more Kitty, Bunny, & Bear softies.

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Sharkeysday said...

Totally cute! I just love the way it turned out!