Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Flower pots

pretty pots
In front of my silly girl are 2 beautiful flower pots I found at an estate sale over the weekend. I only paid $15 for both! I don't do as much estate sale/yard sale/thrift store shopping as I'd like, but I always seem to find some great things.

I fell in love with the yellow, green, and red pot as soon as I saw it. The owner said he bought it over 2o years ago. It is huge and will look so neat-o on our front porch or maybe our back patio. Hmmm??? Oh, what shall I plant in it?

The smaller pot is so cool, man. It has a pretty and simple flower design--looks like daisys or zinnias to me. It seems quite "vintage" but I have no clue in what decade it was made. I'm not so good at guessing that kind of thing. It's just so cool, man. I think I will plant something tall and spikey in it. Not too much color because of its neutral tones.
daisy flower pot

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