Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Freezer paper stencils. Me too!

I finally made a freezer paper stencil on a t-shirt! I've been wanting to do this since I read about it on Craftster quite a few months ago. That was during my crafting slump. Somehow spring has re-awakened my interest in creating again and here's my first attempt. . .

(photo apology-not only did I take these photos in horrible light but I have a bad camera too!)

a hippo in water
hippo stencil t-shirt, after

free-hand flowers, toddler stains and all!
flowers stencil t-shirt, after
(Amazingly enough, Maria immediately changed out of her "self-chosen" top to wear this top as I was showing her the final result. After wearing it all day, it is covered in stains that I will probably have to cover up with more flowers.)

I joined Hannah's new flickr group for freezer paper stencils. Check it out for more ideas and join it if you want to partake in the fun!

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beki said...

Your shirts are adorable!