Friday, April 07, 2006

pink! finds

I found this set of serving bowls while thrifting last Saturday. I don't thrift much but was in search of cheap jeans to convert into maternity jeans--I'm 15 weeks pregnant right now. I saw these and ONLY thought twice about purchasing or not. Can you believe that? If you know me, yes! So glad I "went for it" because it rang up at 1/2 off! I payed $5.00. The bottom reads "Miramar 1956 602".
pink serving bowls

This is how they fit together.
pink serving bowls

A few days later I payed a visit to my sewing teacher at the local trade school and found this wonderful doll cradle at their daily rummage sale--$4.00. I decided to buy it for my girls and they didn't dig it as much as I thought they would. Maybe that's for the better.
baby doll cradle

The print on the vinyl lining is so cute.
splashing baby & ducky

I guess its finds like these that make thrifting such a thrill.

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Anonymous said...


I've been looking for more thrift/craft blogs and dicovered your blog today. The pink bowls are a great find!

I'm in Lakewood, btw, and like the ARC thrift in the JCRS shopping center on West Colfax. They used to be on the corner of Sheridan but moved further west. It was a wonderful jumble in the old store and now is neater than I'd like. But still, it's a good place to thrift.