Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Amazing beauty find!

Recently I read Amy's post on Angry Chicken that ended with her recommendation for an underarm deodorant from Lush. Well, of course I checked it out because I was thinking "hmm, summer's coming and maybe it's time to try a new deodorant." It sounded great and so I thought I'd buy a bar online when I realized that there is a Lush store in Boulder! So our Sunday Family Drive took us to Boulder.

Wow, Lush has some cool products and it's nice to be able to visit the store because you can control how much you buy on most products! I'd been struggling with my facial care and decided to buy the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. IT IS AMAZING! I have combo skin and was beginning to have some dry patch issues. AOBS is VERY moisturizing and I love the freshly exfoliated feeling after every use. It is gentle enough for daily use. It improved my skin in just one week! My pores are smaller and don't look so yucky. It's not as harsh as a typical exfoliater and if I want a deeper exfoliation, I just make a thicker paste.

I also came home with some moisturizer samples and really liked Celestial. So guess where the following Sunday Family Drive took us? Yup, Lush in Boulder to buy some Celestial moisturizer. I am sooooooo happy to finally have a simple facial routine that makes me feel good and my skin look nice.

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