Monday, January 09, 2006

ice luminaries

ice luminary
ice luminary
Here are some ice luminaries that I made for Viviana.

They are pretty easy to make especially if you have a few very cold days in the forecast! I followed these steps.

I made 2 and was happy with how they turned out considering they were made in a hurry. Next time I'll remember to use tape as recommend in step #2! They are decorated with gold beaded garland and pine.

The candles stayed lit until they burned down completely. Amazing!!! since it had been very windy.

I plan on making some for our front porch during our next cold spell (which should be now since it's Stock Show time!) and then some more for Viviana for Valentine's day!

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Leslie said...

Those are so pretty!!! I'd love to have those here too, but they wouldn't last very long! ;)