Thursday, December 08, 2005

Art show #1, Artist #2

Oh, what joy to see our little girl so happy and proud to have her art creation in an art show! She was able to participate in the children's art show sponsored by The Other Side Arts which included art created by children from four different organizations. Maria was a guest artist in honor of her big sister, Viviana, aka Artist #1.

I wish this picture could emit her happiness as we felt it on Friday night. (Check out the glasses! They were her thing the whole week and so when she decided to wear them to the art show, how could we say no! A true artist!)
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The paintings of the other children who participated.
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beki said...

How cool!

Leslie said...

That is so fabulous that childrens' art is being so respected like that! How wonderful for their pride and self-esteem!

And Maria's glasses are quite charming!