Sunday, November 27, 2005

new interest: beading!

I have found a new craft to spend my time and money on, beading. I bought a Japanese beading book (from the paper princess) and that did it! I'm really getting hooked even though I haven't made a thing from the book. :) I learned a few basic techniques from the book and will definitely use it for other ideas. Beware, just teach me a few things and I can be "dangerous".

Here is my first piece modeled after my favorite type of necklace. I don't know what style it is but it reminds me of a rosary.
pearl & sterling silver necklace

Here is a close-up ofthe toggle clasp and dangle I added to it. I think the blue bead is celadone, but I can't remember!
pearl & sterling silver necklace


Leslie said...

That is super pretty -- rosary style necklaces are always so pretty!

beki said...

Beautiful necklace. You did a greta job.