Wednesday, September 14, 2005

rearrange, organize, create

sewing room

sewing room

I want to sew "sew" badly but when I finally have time to do it I end up on the computer instead. Even though I have lots of ideas and list of projects in my head, I'm not too inspired to sew. It's probably because my sewing room is a mess! I finally gave in and decided that it might help to clean, organize and rearrange it.

I should have taken a "before" picture of my sewing room because it was such a disaster. It looks so much better now and was the kind of thing you dread doing but isn't such a bad thing after all. I hope it's all I needed to get me going! (The pictures aren't great, but give an idea of wanna-be order.)

Here's a list of sewing projects:
-finish 4 or 5 diaper bags that I promised for new mommy gifts
-make C a guitar strap
-make some pants for myself,
-finish 3 handbags that have been waiting to be finished for almost a year now! (I found them in the mess)
-cut some size 3T onesies and hem the bottoms
-make a duvet for my bed
-make a cover for the futon
-re-upholster the glider
-sew a cool shrug I saw on craftster
-make some new "string purses" (to replenish my stock because if I want to sell any I need to stop giving them to my family and close friends)

Quite a list, but I'm sure I'm leaving some things out!

Off to sew!

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