Saturday, February 28, 2009

ATC Kids Swap

Both of my girls participated in the ATC Kids Swap. I decided to come up with a theme to make the process a bit more focused and a whole lot easier, on me. Our theme was "New Life - SPRING". Our art media consisted of watercolors and black marker. From the looks of it, watercolors were very popular for these ATC's.

Maria (age 6) had lots of ideas and finished her cards in no time.
ATC Kids Swap, by Maria

Julia (4) had a hard time getting started but with some extra guidance from Mom ("Paint the card. What do those colors remind you of? Okay, draw that!") she made some wonderful cards too.
ATC Kids Swap, by Julia

Along with their ATC, each swap partner received a few heirloom pumpkin seeds (Rouge Vif d' Etampes) w/instructions for how to grow these beautiful "Cinderella" pumpkins. (FYI, the seeds are from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.)

Happy Spring, friends!
We're happy we could share our art with you and would love to hear about your pumpkin adventures!

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