Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Barber Shop

JP went in for his first "real" haircut today.

We took him to a neighborhood barber shop with three barbers who all were busy snipping and buzzing away. Once it was our turn The Boy was very resistant to sitting in the chair until he was handed a lollipop. He then agreed to sit and go through with the hair cut all while having to hold onto his lollipop under the cape. Kind of cruel, kind of funny! He did a great job sitting still, with a few strange looks and turns of the head at the man messing with him.

I don't know if I broke some sort of unspoken rule by going into the barber shop with him and Dad but I had to be there! It was a milestone I couldn't miss and I was so proud of my boy! So, while I was excited to witness my boy's first barber shop haircut, I think the boys can go without me from now on.


hooli said...

Hey there! Had to stop in after you left me a comment. But I've been on vacation. I'm actually way out south... by where the new IKEA will be. Isn't Finny and Donk's sew a long the best!?!??!
~Denver Brunette

Sharkeysday said...

I ca't believe how BIG he is! Wow! First amazing!

African Kelli said...

aw, that is such a fun memory! Sweet boy!