Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meet F.A.S

Last summer my husband built a nice compost bin for us after we decided to seriously begin changing our waste habits. By the time fall arrived we had filled it with plenty of good stuff from our yard and our kitchen that would decompose over the winter months and give us that wonderful black gold for our gardens in the spring.

He tended the compost throughout the winter months turning it often (when it wasn't too frozen) and dumped our kitchen scraps in the bin daily. Well, late January while looking out our window we saw this little round guy.
Where do you think he lived all winter?

We couldn't believe our eyes and were glad that at least this squirrel didn't have a rough winter. Do you think he shared his secret with his buddies? From the looks of it, no! Anyhow, we decided to name him F.A.S., Fat Ass Squirrel.

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