Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Switch

For quite some time I was lacking motivation to sew and create and really needed something to change. I'm always inspired by all of the amazing crafters in blog world but just couldn't focus on creating my own stuff. I thought that a new creative space might be the key so I decided to pull a switcheroo on the kids. That has made all the difference!

Here are our creative spaces BEFORE:
(My over-stuffed sewing room and their always messy playroom)
sewing room "before" playroom "before"

and AFTER:
(Their size S playroom, we're calling it their "little house", and my size L studio!)
playroom "after" new creative space

Having space to spread out and actually use my table for cutting, arranging, and holding my projects makes sewing so much easier and enjoyable. It also makes for better organization of projects and all my crafting supplies. The girls aren't as messy in their smaller play area because spreading out ALL of their toys across the room isn't as fun in this smaller space. Besides, they are enjoying having their very own craft table in my new studio! We're all happy--but still adjusting to the switch. See J?


Sharkeysday said...

Awesome girl! What an excellent idea! So do you have you dug into a new project in there yet?

African Kelli said...

That work room is just awesome! Good for you! I love the table in the center. Do you use that for cutting?

Amanda (ChoiceBlanket) said...

I hope you are creating beautiful things in there!