Thursday, February 15, 2007


Here is what MC and I made for her classmates for Valentine's Day. . .
Valentine's Day Hearts Valentine's Day Hearts

Martha Stewart was the inspiration for our homemade Valentine's. We made these stained glass hearts in red, white, purple and blue because "we" wanted to give a marbled effect. The color selection was also so that the 2 boys in the class wouldn't feel too overwhelmed with pink and red. The Valentine's turned out nice and we even used Martha's idea for heart envelopes. I was able to use my stash of pink "Crack & Peel" paper for the heart stickers to seal the envelope. (FYI-"Crack & Peel" is a sticky-backed paper). MC did a great job writing her classmates' names! She's getting so good at transferring (copying) letters.

I was able to use the left-over scraps to brighten up our kitchen window with some Valentine cheer. The colors aren't as intense in these hearts because they were the top sheet of waxed paper that I peeled off (the MS instructions don't tell you to do this but I think it makes the hearts look better!).
"Stained Glass" Hearts

Here is a close-up of a finished heart. Aren't they pretty?
"Stained Glass" Heart


beki said...

Such pretty valentines!

Kelli said...

So, so pretty! Nice job!