Thursday, September 07, 2006

Special Order Bag. . . DONE!

I've been crafting with a group of moms from the neighborhood and one of them has asked me to make her a bag. She chose the handbag design with no straps just "holes" for handles and wants to use it to carry the bare minimun. I finished it tonight and just had to post it on my blog! Who cares what time it is!!!

Bag for Mary-Frances
Bag for Mary-Frances

Construction description:
-Beautiful exterior cotton fabric with amazing color combinations: maroon & chartreuse, turquoise & burnt orange, light blue & chartreuse, mustard yellow & light blue, maroon & light blue and more! So pretty! I just wish I knew how to tell whether or not a fabric is vintage.
-Bright orange cotton fabric for lining.
-The exterior fabric is interfaced for stiffness and structure.
-A cell phone pocket is included along with a couple of loops--one for sunglasses (exterior loop) and one for keys (interior loop with clip!).
-Sturdy bottom to add support for the bag.
-Measurments: width-13", height-9", depth-4.5"

I'm happy with the end result and I'm especially glad about the one simple thing I learned while making this handbag. . .
extra heavy-duty sewing machine needles REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! It's the first time I've used the denim strength needle for constructing a handbag and WOW!!!, why did I not realize that these were available before now!?

Mary-Frances, I might just decide to keep this one for myself if you don't pick it up soon! :)


Anonymous said...

Nice Bag!

Chin up! Its all up from here!

Dominic Ebacher

beki said...

That is gorgeous! The fabric is stunning, it looks like home decor fabric which I have a fondness for. I've tried to make a bag with a handle like that, but it was a flop. It looks like you did a great job.

Sharkeysday said...

Claudia! You are NOT getting the bag! I'll call you this morning! It's gorgeous! I'm a lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bag! I love the color! You could even use this as a Diaper Bag! I love anything that is unique, something that no one else is using! I have a Timi & Leslie Babe Diaper Bag right now, in a Brown, that I love...