Thursday, August 24, 2006


I think all little girls in dresses should wear bloomers! Not only because they are a cute cover-up but also because it's a fun word to say, BLOOMERS! We have only a few bloomers/diaper covers at our house and so I decided to make some for the girls. Here's the final result. . .


I didn't dare take a picture of these bloomers on either of my girls because that is just not lady-like! In all honesty, neither girl cared to model. Which is just fine because, after all, it would be a public internet photo.

I hope to make some more and if I can figure out sizing, I will post some for sale at Etsy! I keep saying that about the things I've been making lately, but unless I get off the computer and into my sewing room, it'll never happen. I guess that means so long for now!


beki said...

How cute! I love bloomers.

Leslie said...

Hee! Bloomers! Very cute!