Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I've spent some time sewing over the past weeks. It's mainly been brought on by the need to have more options in pants/shorts since I'm pregnant--25 weeks tomorrow. I've worked on pants and a couple of shorts. In the process I've remembered that I don't like sewing with linen--it tears so easily! I'm wondering if a serger would help with this? Since most of my sewing over the past 3 years has been making handbags, I've yet to learn lots about making clothes. I also converted a pair of jean shorts into maternity jean shorts using a great tutorial from Craftster. Before & after pictures below.

shorts + tshirt = maternity shorts
shorts to be converted t-shirt for maternity jeans maternity shorts

I also made a couple of headbands for the girls. The cream and pink one was a last resort attempt to decorate Julia's head for a wedding in which she would be a flower girl. Needless to say she didn't wear it. Her big sister decided to wear it and take off most of the rhinestones. The other headband was a quick use of scraps.
pink headband

It's funny how quickly your bubble can be burst! I thought I was on to something with these headbands and was gearing up to sew bunches of them when. . . I read about Hooray for Headbands on Whip Up. How very cute and what a great pattern! My amateur attempt at headbands came to an end very quickly.

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