Wednesday, June 21, 2006

s-l-o-w motion

I'm happy to say that I've been doing a lot of sewing! I just wish I could log all of my finished work more quickly! I'll be posting photos of my finished pieces over the next few days.

Today I'll post the oil cloth bibs and "Dis-cards" I made.

I'm so very happy with how the bibs turned out and especially happy that the bias trim looks good. No major problems with it after following tips and advice from a few wonderful crafters from etsy and a tie one on gal!
oil cloth bibs

The Dis-cards were fun and quick. They will be my thank you cards for the birthday presents I received--about 2 weeks late, but no one needs to know how quick they were to make!


Leslie said...

Those bibs are wonderful! I have yet to attempt sewing oil cloth! :)

I hope you're feeling well!! I've been thinking about you!! :)

beki said...

I need to make some bibs like that. Did you use a pattern? Yours look great!