Sunday, February 26, 2006


All my thanks to Amy for the tip on the book "You Grow Girl". After missing out on her mailorder offer I read her post about this book and decided to focus my energy on gardening and not on the frustration of not getting in on time to purchase her mailorder!

Well, here's the fruit of my positive refocus!
I knew I would be starting a garden for cut flowers this year. I thought I'd give seeds another chance and You Grow Girl has given me the encouragement I needed. I like the website so much I've added it as a link on the sidebar!

Just two weeks after sowing I have great seedlings, especially zinnia and cosmos seedlings (the tall seedlings on the right in the above photo). They are growing strong but fast! I decided to tranfer them to larger containers tonight and try the flourescent lighting method to grow seedlings. I only transferred the zinnias and cosmos because the other seedlings are still small.

Here's a photo of my new growing area, a workbench in our basement. My husband was a sweetheart to clear it off and organize all of the stuff we had piled over it. Thanks, C!
seedlings with flourescent lights

Stay tuned to the exciting growth of my seedlings--gloriosa daisy, delphinium, coneflower, Irish Eyes rudbeckia, salvia, English daisy. Tonight, I also sowed black-eyed Susan vine for hanging baskets and sensitive plant to be used as a houseplant.

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