Thursday, September 01, 2005

string purse???

What!!!!!!!!??????????? It's mid afternoon and I'm on the computer!!! Well, hubby is taking a break from work and I was able to sneak into the office.

Well, late on Tuesday night I was able to organize some photos on my Flickr account and I even added a Flickr badge! This is so fun! I just have garden and bag pictures for now, but just wait!

I have been working on string purses for now. I don't really like that name for them, but will come up with something a little more clever when I least expect it. I hope! These string purses are really just a large coin purse on a string. I bought one a few years ago and love to use it when I go places where I don't want to worry about lugging a huge purse or diaper bag or where I can easily misplace those big bags. So last spring I closely inspected the string purse I had purchased and made my own! Quite easy to do.

A friend really liked my new "mom on the go purse" and asked me to make one for her. Well, I made about 5 and was planning on selling them at some local neighborhood shop, but then I decided it was more fun to give them away. So far I have given away 4 and kept a cute fall-like one for myself!

Maybe I'll have a few for sale or trade! via cyberspace soon?


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