Monday, April 25, 2005

Gonna figure this out

I really want to figure out how this blog thing works! I want to be able to post some pictures, which shouldn't be too hard. Also, I want to figure out how to personalize the blog window so I don't have to use a template.

I am looking forward to posting some pictures of my garden and handbags real soon! I have been working on my foundation garden and really should take some photos ASAP before I forget what it looked like as a "clean slate". Then I can track it's growth and progress!

I have a few new handbags I made for a gift show. I'll take photos to show off my new skill of sewing zippers! They really aren't as hard as I thought. I'm really excited about sewing again because I've been given an opportunity to begin a sewing group at the local rec center! The director said he'd add it to the general schedule if we can get about 5 people interested. I think it's gonna work out. I really hope so, anyhow.

Gonna start trying to figure out HTML now!

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Noah said...

If you have software like Dreamweaver you can take the template they give you and edit it around extremely easily. :)